When you walk into a Fellowship School, you will know it is a space where everyone matters. You will feel it in the halls, witness it in the schoolyard, hear it in voices and see it in faces. Students and teachers of a Fellowship School have all taken an oath – an oath that welcomes and values differences in academic ability, height, size, race, religion, socio-economic status and sexual preference.

The Oath of Fellowship is developed by students themselves, who undertake a guided, 4 week programme of learning on the topic of cyber bullying. Week by week, students and teachers engage in a process of discovery, debate and reflection to develop this oath which will be based on principles of excellence in attitude, respect and empathy. The programme does not specify what those principles are, this is for the students and teachers to decide.

Schools which complete this programme, may then fly the Fellowship Flag which reminds everyone to uphold the oath. Fellows (those who have taken the oath) may wear a Fellowship Badge, which is the most immediate outward sign that says “everyone matters”.

We invite you now to “be excellent to each other” (hat tip to Bill and Ted) and begin the process of becoming a Fellowship School.